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Thicken Hair Fiber - Black

Michael diCesare Beauty

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Thicken Hair Fiber - Black

Helps give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. diCESARE's exclusive colorizing and bonding hair building formulation uses natural static electricity to cling to hair fibers, helping conceal visible thinning areas and helping make hair look more plentiful. The formula adds thickness and fullness to your hair in seconds. (.74 oz.)


Matched hair color: Black



  • Hair looks thicker and fuller in seconds
  • Conceals visible thinning areas • Exclusive colorizing and bonding formulation
  • Adheres to hair strands for thicker looking hair
  • For use by men or women
  • Formulated with coloring pigments, binders and a proprietary grade of statically-charged ion particles
  • Easy to apply and totally undetectable
  • Shampoo normally to remove
  • Made in U.S.A.


How to Use: 

Apply to dry hair only . Separate the hair in the thinning areas and apply fiber with just a tap of the bottle. Comb hair back in place.

TIP: Open the sifter cap half way at first to have more control of the fiber application. See our demonstration video on our site.

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