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UPLift Style Lifter

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UPLift Style Lifter

UPLIFT Style Lifter builds volume and locks in style. Specifically designed for those of you who are challenged when it comes to styling your own hair. Made with oat and wheat proteins that help protect and add shine to your hair,  Designed to give you quick and easy lift and volume where and when you want it. As a root lifter it’ll last all day… You can’t get it wrong! ( 8,75 oz. )


Features and Benefits:

  • Adds instant lift to flat areas
  • Great to reconstruct yesterday's style in minutes
  • Gives long lasting lift to root area
  • Dries in seconds


How to Use:  

*     Lift hair where lift is desired and spritz roots. For a fuller over all style flip head over , spray overall root and hair area and flip back up.Style as desired. 

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