Finding a New Hairdresser Can Be a Scary Task.... Let Me Help

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Stuck in a Hair Rut? Don’t Fret! Let me Help…


Considering a new do, but scared to death? Have you had the same hairstyle for 5 years (or maybe 25 years) and would love a change?  I was quoted in a magazine once as saying ‘I believe women have about 3 hairstyles in their lifetime’, let me explain. 


You might change the length from time to time or grow out the layers or add them but always seem to go back to the one you are familiar with. Even when you change it up a bit most women still keep the same comfort level of styling around their face. It seems to be human nature. But I am here to say….be daring and change it up. It is the most exciting feeling when you debut a new you and everyone seems to notice you with compliments. It shows a forward moving person with confidence!


So, with this in mind, Spring is coming, at least according to the calendar. It might be time for that new haircut that you have been considering forever. There is only one “but” have also been wanting to find a new hairdresser or as I like to say your new “Hair Partner’. You also may have just moved to a new city or a new neighborhood. This can be scary for most but here are some suggestions to keep in mind during you “Star” search


I have always given this advice knowing how traumatic trusting someone with one’s hair can be. I always remind people to keep in mind that if you have a great haircut you can do anything with it. Hair is nature’s accessory and it is up to us and our hairdresser to make it your personal statement. I always advise the following steps when searching out a new hairdresser. The end result is to find that special one to be your “Hair Partner”. Good Luck!


Here are three steps to follow for finding your new “Hair Partner



  1. My favorite recommendation is the old fashion way…Word of Mouth. A personal recommendation is worth its weight in gold. It can be from friends, co-workers, family or a stranger! If you see someone’s hair that you love just ask ..’who cuts your hair’ . Trust me it’s the biggest compliment ever to them and for their stylist.


  1. Social Media platforms, if you are so inclined. Most hair salons and stylists post their work. ie. Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Troll around its fun and chances are you just might locate a few terrific contenders.


Book Scissor Free time with the Contender:

  1. Book a scissor free styling visit ..wash and blow dry only. You will be relaxed and can have a thoughtful discussion about your hair. This is your “interview” time. Prepare your questions before your appointment. Use this time to discuss options for your hair, your thoughts and ask for suggestions.


Personality Check:

Its no secret that when we find that perfect hairdresser it is because talent and personality = loyalty. This scissor free time is a great way to get a sense if your personalities are a match. This is key. If you feel there is a personality clash or their style is not comfortable … enjoy the blow out and move on to a plan B.

If you have any questions please email me and I will be glad to help you further. Also remember a photo does say a thousand words , so start cutting out some favorites and bring them to your hairdresser. Communication is key.. Happy Star search!






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