Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most asked questions we receive and responses. If you have a question you would like to see, just send to us at:


If a woman only had one hair styling product in her personal beauty arsenal, what would you recommend and why?

LiquiFLEX …. Formulated to achieve styling results from straight to curly and everything in between. For ALL hair type and textures! Long lasting results that are easy to achieve.


Why do women experience more hair breakage in the winter months than the summer? How can women fight this annoying seasonal affliction?

Seasonal changes in our environment affect our hair a lot more than we realize. The hair is one part of the body that is usually exposed to the environment no matter where we are - indoors or out. Dry heat, cold wind and hats all contribute to hair breakage.

Keratin Protein Conditioner will help regulate this issue by hydrating hair and scalp while strengthening your hair. It will also condition your scalp and relieve the issue of Dry Scalp which is a common complaint in colder climates. Use after each shampoo and can also be used on dry hair as a leave in moisturizer!


What are some tips and products you could suggest to the busy lady on the go who doesn’t have tons of time but wants her hair to look great?

LiquiFLEX of course! Quick and easy results and allows styling efforts to last. Used on dry with electric tools, Velcro rollers, electric rollers or blow drying. For the extra desired boost use diCesare Up-Lift at the roots! …“QUIET ON THE SET PLEASE”!!


Why doesn’t my hair look as good the MOMENT I leave the salon? How can I keep my hair salon-perfect everyday?

Salons are in the business of styling hair not teaching hair. The most important tip for styling hair at home is to be sure to use the right product that aids in the style effect you are attempting.


I have been experiencing increased hair loss over the past few months; What’s wrong and how can I make it stop?

First of all, check with your doctor to eliminate any medical issues that can sometimes cause this. We recommend that you massage your scalp thoroughly with diCesare B-Complex Shampoo. Our color-safe, protein-rich shampoo infuses weightless volume while delicately freeing the hair and scalp of surface impurities This will cleanse your follicles and stimulate your circulation which is nature’s treatment to achieve healthy follicles. Give your hair a rest and for a cosmetic fix, camouflage thinning area using our Thicken Hair Fiber to achieve thicker fuller looking hair in 7 seconds available in 7 colors. 

FYI: We have done extensive research on this issue that millions of women face. There are so many factors that can cause this, such as heredity, diet, stress, illness, pregnancy, menopause and some medications.  Over-treated hair, over bleaching, perming, coloring and excessive heat used in styling all play a role.  We can recommend you minimize the “self hair abuse” I just mentioned!