Hey....Have You Seen Oprah Lately?

Michael diCesare

The  High Ponytail for Every Woman! Oprah's beauty team certainly have it on point!

I have always felt a person’s hairstyle is a reflection of who they are. It tells a story about a person’s personality and it gives the vibe of the mood they are in on any given day.

A hairstyle can indicate a leader, a joiner, a risk taker or a cautious natured person to name a few. It can say many things from ‘I am not in the best mood today’ or ‘I am in LOVE’(again)!!!  But there is one classic but modern style that I love that can be worn by every woman which will keep everyone guessing your mood and that is the High Pony Tail. The operative word is HIGH! The ponytail has been around forever, I know. Your “Tale of the Pony” started way back in grammar school (or before) as it did for most women. It was an easy way to not hear Mom and teachers constantly telling you to ‘get that hair out of your face/eyes”!

Now here we are in 2018 and the High Pony Tail should be your go-to style when you just want an easy, smart and finished look in minutes!


Here are 7 Easy Steps:


If your hair is freshly washed and a little too smooth, add some hairspray or dry shampoo to your hair for some texture. This will allow your ponytail to stay in place all day long.


Step 2 : LINE IT UP

To figure out where your ponytail is going to go, align it with where your cheekbones are–on a diagonal–and pull it back to that point. Be sure to pull your hair up towards the crown of your head. Make sure you’re pulling your hair up, not back and don’t be afraid to go higher than you would normally! Voile INSTANT EYE LIFT!!!



Holding the ponytail in place with one hand, brush out any bumps and with the other hand. This will ensure a smooth, sleek ponytail. Smooth it with a brush, so that when it's in the ponytail, you don't have any bumps. Then, take hairspray on a nylon and natural bristle brush, and kind of just smooth it all around.



Once you have found the perfect ponytail placement (center of your head, visible from the front), it’s time to take your hair elastic and secure the pony into place.


Step 5: TIE IT UP

To keep your ponytail looking chic and not like you just came from the gym, take a 1-inch section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic. Secure the hair with a bobby pin to hide the elastic, pushing the bobby pin in on the underside of the hair elastic so everything is covered up.



For some added volume and texture, tease the ponytail with a fine-tooth comb, gently combing hair upwards from the underside. Then smooth it out.



Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush down any flyaways. This way, you tame your hair without making it completely flat.

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