Save Your Hair This Summer... Think Ahead ( pun intended )#summerlove!

Michael diCesare


Summer is here and so is the time to show your hair EXTRA LOVE. There is nothing like summer fun but please remember the sun’s effects on your hair can cause immediate damage that can last well into the entire year AHEAD.

 I have always advised my clients to keep the big picture in mind, the ongoing result when caring for their hair. We cannot just think about summer hair ease but also what will your hair look like in the fall and winter ahead. My job is not just about the desired style of a client’s hair but that I maintain it in the best condition possible. That’s called professional guidance. So whether you are a Star or a legend in your own mind the common denominator is that everyone wants beautiful hair.

The summer season is the most damaging on the hair for the obvious reasons. Whether you are enjoying Summer in the Hamptons, August in St. Tropez, sitting poolside in your own backyard or just out in the sun in your everyday life…the SUN can and will damage your hair. This damage can affect its texture, color, color processes, styling results and most important give you many BAD HAIR DAYS!

I have been quoted for many years in major magazines and on TV Shows where I emphasize the damage chlorine causes to the hair. My simple but effective suggestion is to wet your hair before going into the pool or salt water. This will minimize the absorption of the chlorine and salt water. After swimming use equal parts of club soda and shampoo to lift the chlorine out of your hair.

So this summer I am here to offer you my professional guidance with some easy basic tips that I hope you will use….remember keeping your hair as beautiful as you can is a great asset to the entire you!

  1. Keep hair trimmed in the warmer months especially if you have curly or frizzy hair. It will help minimize damage and maximize healthier growth
  1. If you have long hair … keep it in a knot or ponytail to avoid sun exposure and it is much cooler on your person
  1. Use a hair mask after long combat with the sun…. it will replenish hydration and flexibility
  1. When going to the pool, beach or boating mix equal parts of hair mask and sunscreen and apply it to your hair. A sleek comb back is a fun  look and you are saving your hair enormous stress
  1. Minimize Shampooing when possible. Three times a week maximum with tepid (not hot) water.
  1. Be sure to use a daily conditioner after each shampoo
  1. Minimize overuse of heat appliances ….its just too much heat

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