‘There Was a Girl With a Curl….’ And Lots Of Boys Too !!! Curly Hair Tips....

Michael diCesare

Fun facts about those fabulous Curls. 

For selfish reasons, this topic is very close to my heart. You see I have extremely curly hair. I grew up in New York City and when I was in grammar school all I wanted was hair that was straight and parted on the side. It was never going to happen. I can remember the girls with curly hair used to have their Moms iron their hair ( on an ironing board).. and if it rained they didn't want to leave the house. I can remember my friend Phil went to a "men's styling" shop across from Bloomingdale's in Manhattan and got his hair straightened. So, of course, I followed suit. Alas, straight hair with a side part. Then the Beatles did Abby road and long curly hair was the rage.. and so began my love affair with long curly hair!!!

Those of us with curly hair can attest to the fact that our curls have their own mind. It is a fact that 50% of North American women have curly or wavy hair. There are several curl types Soft, Defined, Tight and Kinky. Your key to unlocking the joy of your special hair texture is a great haircut by a stylist who understands this texture ... I call them Curl Wizards.

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Remember At Home:

  • Never brush or comb your hair while it is dry … it will become a gigantic ball of frizz, not to mention the breakage this will create
  • Never towel dry your hair, this will bruise the curls. Blot it to remove excess water. This will allow natural formation of the curls
  • Always shampoo lightly and less frequently. Focusing on the roots and gently rub the hair
  • Curly hair is thirsty hair. We recommend deep conditioning regularly to strengthen the shaft and provide needed elasticity to your curls.

Remember your hair is beautiful because it is an extension of you. No matter the cut, color, shape, or state care for it well and wear it however you like! Have fun with it!

Do you have any tips on what not to do to your curly hair? Please, share below and leave your comments! 

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  • Hi Michael,
    Nice blog… the hell did you remember that I had my curls straightened????
    I totally forgot about it!
    Life is good Michael and hoping this note finds you well.
    Kind regards,

    Phil Hoffert

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