RED HAIR: The Crown You Never Take Off

Michael diCesare

RED HAIR: The Crown You Never Take Off.


Facts and Myths About Red Hair...

Here’s a round-up of ginger myths and facts – the good, the bad, and the plain funny.


Facts About Red Hair

It’s estimated around 1-2% world’s population has natural red hair. That’s a small number, but it represents a very proud population.

Western Europe houses more redheads than anywhere else in the world. Scotland holds the highest ranking with an approximate population of 13% redheads, followed by Ireland at 10% and the United States rounds out the bottom with 2%.


Mutations and Superpowers

There is one specific gene responsible for natural red hair (something we enjoy calling ‘the ginger gene’). This is the melanocortin 1 receptor, also known as MC1R for short. Many thanks go to Professor Jonathan Rees who is responsible for discovering what makes redheads special after conducting a study at the University of Edinburgh in 1995.

This ginger gene is a slight mutation of the MC1R gene on chromosome 16. Which basically means that redheads are like superheroes, but naturally so, not due to some weird chemical reaction. Everything we love about redheads comes from this mutation: ginger hair color (in varying shades), pale skin, and freckles EVERYWHERE.

MC1R is a recessive gene and must be passed on from both mother and father. This explains how a mother and father who both have brown or blonde hair can have a redheaded child.


Secret Gingers

Extensive research conducted by BritainsDNA has found that more than 40% of the population carry the mutated MC1R gene that’s responsible for red hair. If both parents carry the ginger gene, you have 25% chance of bearing a beautiful ginger bairn. And if two gingers parents a child, they have 100% chance. Lucky!


Sunny on the Inside

Having pale skin may mean that redheads burn more easily when exposed to UV rays, but their paleness can serve as an advantage.

Redheads can’t absorb sufficient Vitamin D due to low concentrations of eumelanin in their body. This may sound like bad news, but this lower melanin-concentration means that gingers can cleverly produce their own Vitamin D within their body when exposed to low light conditions.




Is It Cold or Is It Just Me?

Redheads may be more sensitive to cold, too. Bring on the warm weather! Wait, warmth brings sun. Sun is responsible for sunburn and massive amounts of sunblock, particularly for redheads who are at a much higher risk of getting skin cancer. .


Stick to Your Roots

Natural red hair is harder to dye than other shades. It holds its pigment much firmer than any other hair color. If redheads desired to dye their hair to any other color (why would you?), it would only have a noticeable difference after bleaching the hair beforehand. Otherwise, the color won’t take.


Redheads Have Less Hair on Their Heads

In terms of total number of strands, gingers have far fewer atop their red heads than any other color. On average, flame-haired beauties have 90,000 strands, compared to blondes with 110,000, and brunettes with 140,000.

They’re not exactly going bald though, as each strand of natural ginger hair is much thicker, so the appearance is often that redheads have more hair in general.


Redheads Don’t Go Grey

Ginger hair retains its natural pigment a lot longer than other shades, so there’s no need to panic about going grey. Red hair simply fades with age through a glorious spectrum of faded copper to rosy-blonde colours, then to silvery-white.


The Plain Funny…

A tradition in Poland states that if you pass three redheads in a row, you will win the state lottery. If you want to have a little fun, get a couple of your redhead friends to accompany you to Poland on an adventure trip and have fun walking along. Redhead luck to everyone!


In Corsica, France, one must spit and turn around to avoid bad luck if passing a redhead on the street. Continue your adventure with your friends and visit Corsica and see what happens.


Greek mythology says redheads turn to vampires after death. Just one question, Bram Stocker vampire or Twilight vampire? There’s a slight difference.


British tradition says that on New Year’s Day, your first caller will bring you luck. Brunettes bring the best luck, blondes bring none, widowers are bad luck, and redheads bring the worst luck!


Russia is apparently named after the redheaded Viking, Rurik, whose name means ‘land of reds’.


Denmark believes it’s an honor to have a redheaded child! 

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  • Interesting post! Although a natural brunette, I have a redhead’s skin tone with hazel green eyes. I have often added red tones to my hair, and have even been asked if those are natural. I love redheads.


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