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diCesare offers our hair saving “STRESSLESS” comb which is made from 100% natural bamboo to protect your crowning glory from breakage. Bamboo is not only great for the environment, but it has many benefits for your hair. It’s effective in reducing frizz, distributing natural oils, improving circulation, and encouraging a healthy scalp. If you have fine hair this comb is a must to protect further thinning. The wide-placed teeth slide smoothly through the strands, resulting in less breakage.


Includes :

  • 1 Natural “STRESSLESS” comb (6” by 2”)
  • 1 Protective carry sleeve


Features :

  • 100 % Natural Polished Bamboo
  • Seamless to prevent breakage
  • Detangles with minimum stress
  • Protects fine hair from further breakage
  • Exceptional for keeping extensions and wigs in good condition


How to Use:

  • Effective on wet or dry hair
  • Effective on short or long hair
  • Always start from the ends to the roots on longer hair
  • Great for men and women (and all those little girls with long hair)
  • NO Static = Less Breakage: Unlike metal and plastic combs bamboo prevents static that damages the and clings to dirt


Tip : Spray diCesare Restore (leave in detangling conditioner) on to the comb and then comb through dry hair especially the ends as it minimized split ends.

Exceptional results!!


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