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Bounce Back Waterless Dry Shampoo

Michael diCesare Beauty

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Bounce Back Waterless Dry Shampoo


Waterless Shampoo

 Michael diCesare’s legendary instant remedy for those Monday “Bad Hair Days” no matter what day of the week it is.

Our easy to use shampoo alternative makes you feel like you’ve just washed your hair! This light, cleansing, “dry” spray allows you to clean your hair without water. With a mild, non-irritating formula, it removes products from previous styling and eliminates odors, smoke and excess oil to leave your hair feeling fresh and smelling fabulous. It also acts as an instant thickener providing an easy fix for limp hair. ( 5.0 oz )


  • Perfect for frequent use to clean hair without water!
  • Gives hair a pick-me-up, leaving it clean, light & fresh.
  • Hair will look shiny, fuller and healthy .
  • Eliminates excess oils, while absorbing odor.
  • Won't leave behind a powdery residue or make a mess.
  • Reduces the frequency of hair washing - ideal to use between washings.
  • Saves you time in your daily routine.

How to Use:  Shake vigorously before use and between sprays. To refresh hair, spray lightly once on brush and brush through until hair looks clean. For more intense cleaning, hold bottle 12 inches from hair and spray lightly and evenly. Massage through hair with fingertips and leave on for a few more minutes. Brush out, preferably with a natural bristle brush.

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