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LiquiFINISH Volumizing & Finishing Spray

Michael diCesare Beauty

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LiquiFINISH Volumizing & Finishing Spray

diCesare's LiquiFINISH is our NEW generation of LiquiFIX. This aerosol product is a styling product and finishing spray in one. Builds incredible style , volume while locking in your styling efforts. Excellent when used on dry hair prior to using curling irons, flat irons, electric rollers or diCesare's Style Builder Velcro rollers. Also great when used as a free form styling aid . This is one product that you and your hair won't want to be without. 


Features and Benefits:

  • Best results when used on dry hair
  • Locks in styling efforts instantly without stiffness
  • Adds a lustrous shine to hair.
  • Helps seal and protect hair from the effects of humidity.
  • Aerosol spray for even distribution.
  • Made in USA


How to Use:

  • Make sure hair is completely dry.
  • As a styling spray spritz lightly prior to using curling iron, flattening iron, electric rollers, Velcro rollers .
  • As a finishing spray hold 8 to 10 inches from hair and spray.

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