LiquiFINISH Volumizing & Finishing Spray

Michael diCesare Beauty

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LiquiFINISH Volumizing & Finishing Spray

diCesare's LiquiFINISH aerosol is a styling product and finishing spray in one. Builds incredible style , volume while locking in your styling efforts as a finishing spray. Excellent when used on dry hair prior to using curling irons, flat irons, electric rollers or diCesare's Style Builder Velcro rollers. Also great when used as a free form styling aid .  This is one product that you and your hair won't want to be without. ( 5.0 oz. )


Features and Benefits:


  • Best results when used on dry hair
  • Locks in styling efforts instantly without stiffness
  • Adds a lustrous shine to hair.
  • Helps seal and protect hair from the effects of humidity.
  • Aerosol spray for even distribution.
  • Made in USA


How to Use:

  • Make sure hair is completely dry.
  • As a styling spray spritz lightly prior to using curling iron, flattening iron, electric rollers, Velcro rollers .
  • As a finishing spray hold 8 to 10 inches from hair and spray.

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