StyleBuilder Rollers Jumbo

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StyleBuilder Rollers Jumbo

Style in Minutes ! Nothing styles hair faster or easier than our Jumbo Style Builder Rollers. Roll style right into your hair in minutes with these 12 self-sticking rollers and 6 clips. They’re fabulous. To lock style in  spray diCesare LiquiFLEX over rollers take out when dry. . This kit may not make you a hairstylist within a week, but you’ll look as if you’ve been to one! ( pictured spray bottle NOT included )


Features and Benefits:

  • 12 Jumbo Rollers: includes (2) 3"diameter rollers; (6) 2-1/2"diameter rollers and (4) 2"diameter rollers. Made of plastic.
  • 6 Hair clips - use these versatile 4"L black clips to hold your rollers in place. Made of plastic and metal..
  • Tail comb - black plastic pic-style comb with handle. Measures approx. 8-1/2"L x 1"W.
  • Clear vinyl travel logo tote - stores your Style Builders and accessories. It features black trim, a zipper top and pull tab. Measures approx. 9"L x 3-1/2"W x 5-1/2"H.
  • Pictured 2 oz. spray NOT included.


How to Use:  Place rollers in your hair, spritz with LiquiFLEX and, if needed, secure with the clips. Wait a few minutes, unroll, tousle hair with your fingers or brush through and go.

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